Will be selling these items to upgrade all three of them fairly soon. It's an awful, awful setup. Just wondering what a realistic price would be for me to sell each item for.

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Check eBay to see how they sell. But i doubt you could get much for anything but the ME-50. The Spider 3 could go for about half of what you paid for it i think.
The guitar, the Ibanez SZ320, would go for approx. £200 I think.
love or hate Spider amps they don't depreciate much. Realistically, you might lose $100 on it at most. You just have to find people that are willing to make the same beginners mistakes as well :-P
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as a rule, secondhand equipment should cost a little over half the original price with a quality margin.
i sold my boss me-50 on ebay about 4 months ago for £120, but starting price was £60 i think.
Just don't start too high or IMO you put people off.
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