I am about to buy a new Fender American Standard Stratocaster, and I guess my first question is as follows:

I can't decide between Olympic White or Sienna Sunburst. At first I liked the white, but I have seen people playing them on youtube and it's blinding how bright it is sometimes. I do like the fact that white never seems to clash with anything.

Another thing is, regardless of the color I get, at some point I plan on taking it to a luthier or someone who can do a REALLY good, professional looking paint job at some point down the line. So this brings me to my second question:

Will it even matter what color I choose to buy if I plan on having it repainted anyway by the luthier?

Oh, and this is my first post, so hooray.
And, if the paint job is done properly, it will have the same gloss that a finished guitar would have if bought from the company directly?

In other words, it wouldn't look bad?

thanks, lol
Gloss is just another layer of paint, just clear with some glossy ingredient in it, whatever you want to call it. The luthier will probably ask you if you want it (not sure, never brought a guitar to a luthier), but if he doesn't he'll probably put it on anyway. If he doesn't you can simply buy a can of clear (not sure which paint you should get, ask around on UG), and spray the entire body a couple of times until you like the glossiness.
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How much do you think all of that would cost?

How much would it cost for a custom two-tone sunburst combination (w/ the glossy paint).

I don't know, some people say you can do it yourself pretty easily but I don't want it to look like an amateur (myself) did it.

If you are getting an American Strat leave it alone! Seriously if not I will go and take it from you. Don't do that to an expensive guitar that will eventually have some value. I you want a beautiful finish go for the Sienna. Also the "gloss" is called the clear coat. Its a nitrocellulose lacquer with no tint. As for the price of a refinish well its gonna run you a good $300-500 for something really basic.
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Yeah well the Sienna finished guitar I am looking at right now is gorgeous. I love the way it looks. I guess I just wanted something more along the lines of how Billy Corgan's guitar looks in the picture on this website:


While having the default beauty of the finish to tide me over until I could even afford doing something like that. I don't know what it is about the guitar in that pic; it's just unique looking. Beat up almost. As he calls it, "his main b---ch" haha.