I've been using a bass amp with my ibanez 6 string for a while, I like the sound I get. Its a Fender Bassman 100w w/ two 12" speakers. I was considering getting a les paul 6 string, is it likely that I would be missing out on tones with the les paul if i'm using a bass amp instead of guitar amp. What does everyone think??
i duno if this answers your question at all but i think the guitar player from tool uses a bass amp
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Bass amps are actually great for guitar. Some people say they give a richer, deeper and cleaner tone than regular guitar amps. If that's what you're into, you can use it for sparkling cleans. The tone isn't necessarily bassier like some people assume, but it's deeper. The Fender Bassman was originally a bass amp, but many guitarists back then and today use it as a guitar amp.

You wouldn't be missing out on any tones. If anything, you'd be bringing them out more.
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i don't know how they will sound distorted but i played a fender bass next to a fender hotrod deluxe yesterday in music class. The bass sounded pretty good, but not as good as the hotrod.

I'll still suggest, unless you want to stay clean, that you upgrade your amp to something more suited to your style. I assume you want some sort of overdrive seeing as though you wan a Les Paul.
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yeah i agree with the dude above me, i use my oeavey bass amp with my les paul copy and its waaay better then when i use my guitar amp, go for it man

EDIT: oh if u want dirty tones, just use a pedal it works amazing, i find there is less feedback too
Do what sounds good to you. I think with the Les Paul you should be able to get a really thick and rich tone from the bass amp.
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Dude, Fender Bassman's are one of the most popular and sought after amps in the fender arsenal for six string players I'd go so far as to say these days its been redesigned to accommodate regular guitars over bass guitars.
How old is your bassman? Is it a new one? or a 1970's one?

I have a 1975 fender bassman. I'm a lead guitarist and i have to say its clean tone kills any amp i've played to date. I play it with a 1979 Gibson RD and a 2007 Gibson Explorer New Century. I know their not les pauls (personaly i dont like les pauls unless they have a 1960's neck, i find the 1950's necks too "chunky" and i have huge hands) but their both gibson and the RD can pull off any tone.

If your going to get a les paul, play a few and find one that suits, some are great, others arent.

I can't help you with pedals. I'm looking into what to get myself for her. But i can tell you it overdrives something freirce. (I have to dissagree with .: Darkness :.)

Really it depends what sound your looking for in the sound out of your amp.

What genre of music do you like to play?

Hope I helped a little.
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