This is pretty cool. I like the progression throughout it. The drums got very repetitive with the crash cymbal hitting constantly.. and then sometimes it just grooves right in there. But overall, I'd say it would be sweet with some open hats replacing a little of the cymbal action.

Somewhere around 50 seconds it got boring, but then got cool soon after that.

The next highlight is the 3 minute mark. Everything from here sounds unleashed and ass kicking.

Still, too many cymbal hits. Maybe you should try two different cymbals instead of repeating that one over and over. I like the break down at the end there... my song does something like that. Check it out http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/zeroyon/ it's "Screaming"
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thanks for the crit.
I use a little recording machine with a drum machine built into it. So all id have to do is drop some cymbal hits out. Honestly though, im not a drummer so i dont really have to good of beats goin on in my tunes.
Anyways, thanks for the comment, and ill check out your song shortly.