Is the roland microcube much better than a marshall vs30r? I like thrash metal as well as old school metal like Iron Maiden.

Cuz for school next year I'm not sure if I should buy the microcube or get a metal muff and play through the clean channel on the marshall. It has headphone jack btw.

* The store will only order the cube if I'm buying it for sure so I can't try it :p same with the muff

Also 1 question about distortion pedals. Does the amp you have influence the sound or it coming all from the pedal?
Yes the amp has influence on the sound, but why would you compare a microcube to a valvestate?
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Yes the amp has influence on the sound, but why would you compare a microcube to a valvestate?

Cleans are alright but the OD channel sounds thin and the EQ almost unresponsive.
Well I think the Micro Cube is a good amp, I've borrowed my friends. Not the best, but defiently a good amp.
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You said the amp already sounds thin and the Metal Muff is a pretty thin sounding pedal on its own... you do the math.
get the cube. the cube series are very versatile and sound great.
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The old valvestates aren't actually that bad (certainly better than the current AVT's).
Personally, i'd keep with the valvestate but that's just my 2 cents
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^ AVTs sound not too bad once you fix the awful stock speaker. Then they're just hella overpriced.
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Cube beats the hell out of the valvestate. I tried for a bit to get a good sound out of one, i could not, was thin, fizzy and crappy. Cube may not have amazing gains, but for solid state they are unbeatable.