so i heard that the mxr buffers arent that great if its first in line of effects, personally, i have an mxr script phase 90 first in my chain, i was just wondering, i read somewhere that putting a boss pedal in front of an mxr pedal would make the buffer work better or something, is this true? i dont have any boss pedals so i wouldnt be able to try it myself
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does it sound fine to you without a pedal in front of your MXR?
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From my experience all MXR pedals have excellent bypass no matter where they are, but I don't know about the boss pedals because there's very few of them I'd ever touch
Im reading around, and according to many sites, Ibanez/Boss have the best buffers in their pedals. I havent herd anything about the MXR but bare in mind, its all PERSONAL preference. What sounds good to you might sound like crap to someone else. The best you can do is make yourself happy.
Yes, it's often better to put a buffered bypass pedal first in your chain.. It reduces noise pickup and loading effects from the rest of the pedals and cables in your chain..
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