so i have begin my search for a new amp even though i wont have the money for a lonng time. Im going to want something that i can gig with, hopefully tube, and not too much money. I play a lot of metal but also do a lot of classic rock, punk, and RHCP and Hendrix stuff. The tone i like is a really thick midd-y tone, kinda like the tone on Rust In peace by Megadeth, or Ride the lightning by metallica. The amp i was looking at was the ENGL screamer 50 or ENGL fireball 60. What are some good amps by MESA for a good price. Im probably not going to spend more than a grand on this one. another question, I heard in guitar world that Carvin is Reissuing the X100B which was played by marty friedman, Frank Zappa, and steve vai, all who have amazing tone. Anyone know how much this thing is going to cost???? finally, how good are Orange Crush amps?? my local guitar shop got a bucnh in and they said their great but i havent tried them yet.
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Orange Crush is solid state, but the best solid state amps out there IMO. Look at the tube Orange amps, Orange Rocker 30, Orange Thunderverb. Anything Orange will do you right.
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The X100b shouldn't be too expensive, about 750 direct I think. I haven't heard it, though.
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your looking for thick clean tone?

Fender's 1970's Bassman has awsome clean tone. Mine does fade to black beautifuly. Not sure bout mega death (havent really listened to them).

you can pick one up in the states between 700-1000

Either a 50 or a 100 would do.

If your not comfortable using vintage. Someone recomended me a JCM900 marshall amp that Ia should A/B with my bassman (I have no personal expirience, but aparently their awsome metal amps)

hope i helped
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