I am fixing my old squier 51 up with a 24 fret neck and a 6 bolt trem since i got a new guitar and i was wandering. How do i figure out the scale length of the neck to see if the intonation will work? Also how hard would it bee to use a gouging tool from my wood working kit to cut out the trem cavity (I dont have a router)
measure the distance from the 12th fret and multiply by two. That gets you close you your scale length. After you have the bridge in the right place, get a tuner and fine tune each saddle on the bridge individually so that the open note of each string is the same as that same string at the 12th fret only an octave higher.

sorry if that's confusing. Do some research on saddle adjustment if you still don't understand
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I know how to set up my guitar I just wasnt 100% on the scale length. Do I measure from the fret closes to 11th or 13th? im new to modding and I just want to amke 100% sure that im doing it all right
Stew mac has a scale calculator on their site which does wonders for this sort of thing.
you measure from the twelfth fretbar. hence the one close to the thirteen.
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ok thanks for the help everyone.I have the trem cavity halfway done (I would be finished but im using hand tools)I also picked up an invader to put in the humbucker spot and will be wiring it up tommorow with a coil tap and i am also getting some grover locking tuners and new pot/pick up switcher once i get my check for this week.