We are Lethe from Phoenix, AZ. We have recorded two tracks so far, and we would like some criticism seeing as though we are unsure what to do following the departure of our drummer. I will gladly return the favor for anyone providing intelligent and constructive feedback.

Our music can be found in my profile or at www.myspace.com/musicoflethe.

We appreciate all feedback and thank you for your time.
Dude that was awesome. It sounded like old classic rock/metal mixed with some neo-classical. I love it!
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Awesome songs, I hope you find a new drummer and a singer soon.
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Hell, I don't even particularly like metal and I thought they were awesome The drumming didn't seem that special, it shouldn't be too hard to replace the guy, but yea, keep making music I guess, hope you sort stuff out, I'd keep listening.
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Hey Nathan, I guess it's you that posted the songs up. You already know how I feel about em'. Great guitar work. It just needs vox. and now, a new drummer. The only other flaw I found was that Wake's timing was off a few times.

Good luck and good work in the future. See you around.

^ Guy who stole our drummer.

Thanks to all who posted feedback, I truly appreciate it! Ill let the others know that we need to carry on and ill post any new stuff we record.
man that is awesome both songs, but i prefer the slower WAKE, the guitar work on both is great and u guys have produced are real clear tone for both the harmonies and sound of guitar and drums,

the melody flows beautifully and it shows in the transition of the song*s well done look forward to hearing more