the night is falling,           
sleep, dream of those who reside.               
they are calling,                   
from across the moonlit shore,         
all of your fears, will pass away                         
light on the water, all souls pass                    
all of her eyes, tell no lies                        
while the sea gulls call,                      
across the sea, waiting there                     
you and i will meet again,                        
and you'll be here, in my arms.
   sleep now, dream, and you will see                       
   you can see the entire skyline,                         
   they will make your name sing,                         
   in their white ships, they have come,                        
   they've come to take you home,
   and you see the dock lights fading away,                         
   why are you weeping, soon you will see,                        
   sleep now, and dream, they're calling.
there, and i'm back again,                         
all pale white horizons,                        
they've come to carry me out,                        
return to the glowing city,                        
where shadows are falling,                                                   
you'll be safe, when you're here, in my arms.                         
sleep and dream, they are calling.

i'm new at this sort of thing, and self conscious about my writing. i suppose i am my hardest critique. anyways. just tell me what you think honestly, it's still a work in progress. this is about a real life story.