ok so i got a 4 track , tascam if it matters, and it has 1 input, 1 headphone output, and stereo outs as well. Records 1 track at a time. Is it possible to run multiple inputs into a mixer, the put the mixer's output into my 4 track's input, as a way to record, say , drums, that will require more than 1 input jack ?
Short answer - Yes.
That should work (Im 99.99% certain).
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Sure, submixing would work...you'd just have a stereo signal to work with on the Tascam.
Just out of curiosity, which model is it?
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Yes, that should be possible, but make sure you carefully mix the levels of the kit before you record, as there won't be a great deal you can do afterwards if there is a problem with the mix. i.e. too loud cymbals.

You'll be able to EQ and such, but you'll want to record a good mix from the start, as you won't be able to edit individual drums after you record.
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