Well I've been playing guitar now for about six years and for a while now I've been thinking about trying out the drums. My friend offered me a five piece set of Pearl drums with a double kick and six Zildjian cymbals for five hundred dollars and the only way I'm going to afford to buy them is to sell my Jackson dinky which I've had for about two years. Normally this would be obvious to me and I would buy the drums, but I guess because the Jackson was my first REAL guitar I wonder if I will regret it later as I have done before when selling instruments. I still have another guitar, but it's no where near as good as the Jackson is. Any input?
Just tell him to hold on to it and get a job?
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Do you play drums? Obvious question... but yeah. Do you?
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Do you play drums? Obvious question... but yeah. Do you?

Are you kidding? He said he wants to try it out.... So no, he doesn't.

I wouldn't sell my good guitar... Just save up for it and if he's cool he'll hold it for you. =P
Don't sell your guitar , specially if it means something to you,get a job and then buy the drum set.
find another way to get the money
a job if you can
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What everybody else said about getting him to hold on to it.
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if i were you,

its your first real guitar...it has meaning dude...well, at least my s470 has meaning to me it ****ing rocks
Put a down payment on it. Tell him you'll pay it off, but he can keep them until you pay it off. But that is really cheap. Usually a set of zildjian cymbals are worth more than that, or the double kick, so go for it. If you have to, i'd say sell the jackson, then buy it at a later date.
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Sell your other guitar, to make a down payment. Get a job to buy the rest.

This is the answer.
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or you could just ask you friend to show you how to play some simple beats on the kit, THEN decide if you want to continue learning. Might save yourself some heartache if you buy it from him then realize you don't really like it. Just a thought.

EDIT: if this has anything to do with the 'producers' post, sorry, I didn't get the reference
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Sell the Jackson and next thing you know I'm on your doorstep waiting for you with a baseball bat to knock the hell out of you. Don't sell it, it is a Jackson and come on you don't have a better one.



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