i just got my shure PG58 today, its sound pretty good. i like it! prety cheap too.
The Shure SM57 will probably get recommended a lot in this thread. It's not the best mic tonally, but it is cheap, good quality and built like a brick shithouse. They are found in most studios and are a great workhorse microphone. Good for micing cabs and snares, amongst other uses. You can pick them up for around £60.

I'm not sure what your budget is, or whether you are just asking for information on high end mics (hence industry standard), so it'd help if you could tell us that. There are basically loads of good mics on the market at varying prices, so it's hard to recommend without knowing your budget and what you want to use it for.
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Mics are like any other tool. Different tools excel at different jobs. I would no more use a Neumann U87 (as way sweet a mic as it is) on a snare drum any more than I would use a hammer to chop down a tree.

And within that.... budget is almost always a consideration. YOu can spend surprising amounts of money on just one microphone, never mind the amount you can spend on just one preamp channel....

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in the end guys i got a Shure SM57

very good mic, ..5 year warranty and good price.

the sound is very natural i think, i sugest it to anyone !