Im 6'2", about 190 pounds, and i feel like something might be wrong.
I just eat too damn much.

The other night i ate a whole jacks pizza, two lunchables, and a half gallon of whole milk. In one sitting, and thats pretty usual for me.

Today i just had like..8 cookies and 2 sammies from quiznos, and a 20 oz pop like an hour ago. And im already hungry again.

Is this normal?
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actually from your weight to height ratio I would say you're not fat, maybe kinda chubby

anyway I'm like 5'10 and eat like crazy without getting too far over 145

It just means

A. you have the munchies
B. You have fast matabolism
C. I'm wrong and you're fat
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your sarcasam amuses me

When I get hungry, it's usually not hunger it's actually just a craving to chew on something. So I just chew some gum and I feel all better.
im 5'10 140lbs...i eat less than that a day
what to cut your weight down? dont drink anything but water, cut out cokes, milk, and energy drinks, etc. walk about 5 miles a day. dont eat sweets, or eat less of sweets. stay away from eating a lot of red meat. eat it, but not a ton. dont eat greasy food, stay away from deep fryed, and fryed in grease. go for baked foods. stay away from potato chips. eat lean meat, and fruits and vegtables. drink water. exersice. ez.
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No, it's not. Start cutting the amount you eat little by little each day until you can work with a small amount of food.

Treat it like any other addiction.
you're obviously pregnant
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You might be fat depending on your age...lol....Im 6'1", 14 years old and 165 pound and I eat a hell of a lot someday and basically nothing on other days.
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Im 6'3'' 185, and eat the same amount as you. It mainly occurs for me before/during growth spurts. I get a chicken quesadilla, crunchy taco, crunchwrap supreme, and grande soft taco from taco bell and I'm hungry like 2 hours later.

Also, if you exercise don't worry about it you'll be fine.
I'm about 5"6 and I weigh about 152 pounds, I'm chubby. I don't really give a **** neither should you unless you are immensely obese. If it does bother you too much then just try and turn it into muscles instead of trying to burn it.
+1 to the gum thing it worked for me (im gonna go get a piece now)

also i just heard this on the radio...take vinegar shots everyday. it sounds sick but vinegar flushes out fat in your colon and other areas and will reduce cravings. fergie does this and thats why it was on the radio.
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Probably badass metabalism, lucky.

I'm 6'5'', and at least 225 or so. I'd consider myself fat, but that's just personal judgement.
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do you do sports? or any physical activity? I used to eat the same as you, but I exersised like 5 days a week, so i kept my weight, then when i had to get surgery on my foot i couldnt exercise for about 6 months, i kept eating the same and put on like 7KG...

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Dude it's called self control. Every time I'm drunk I could go out and fricken clean out McDics if I wanted to, but I choose not to. Next time u got the mega munchies just go eat an apple, you'll be surprised how good and filling they are when you are totally cooked.
drink a lot of liquid (NOT alcohol) so you're not hungry all the time, therefore decreasing how much you eat
Alternatively, you have a parasite living in your intestine.
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I'm 6'2 180 and relatively skinny. You're pretty fine weight wise, health is what you have to worry about.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
I'm trying to eat less too, so I just drink instead of grabbing something to eat (tea.....****ing love tea...). It helps quell your hunger when you know you should not be eating. I weigh 170lbs and I'm 6'1". I have a healthy weight, but I know I eat a bit too much.
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