this may or may not be a dumb question.
but, again i'm a major beginner.
and I know Drop D is tunning. Instead of E its D for the low note.
but, does the drop D tuning change the other notes in the song.
or just that one.

like parts of ride the wings of pestilence are played on the E, B, G strings. So if i wanted to play that part in standard tuning would that work?
i know its confusing.
hope you understand; what i'm asking.
If it's in drop D tuning, you drop the low E to a D. Leave all the others alone. You can play anything in standard that you can in drop d unless it uses open or 1st fret on the low E (low D)
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no, it only changes that one string; BUT the after you tune it down to D that string will have a different relationship to the other strings. Technically the interval between 6 and 5 would be a 5th and between 6 and 4 would now be an octave, so ya detuning one string will make it "all sound different" and no you couldn't play a song thats normally in dropped D in standard without modifing the way you play it (ex. by changing the key or something).

Learn a little music theory and you'll understand alternate tunings a LOT more. Cheers.