While my guitar was plugged into an amp, my friend leaned on the guitar causing the cable to push the input through the wood, creating a hole in the guitar.

I plan on repairing this, but I don't know where to start.
The only ideas i have are to get putty and reattach the input to the hole, but I don't know how will this will last or if it will even work.
What do you guys recommend I should do.

Oh, and my friend said he'd get it fixed, but I don't know of anyplace around that does acoustic guitar repairs, or if this is even repairable.
how hard was he leaning on the guitar? I feel bad that its broken
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laaaame.. sorry buddy..
What the hell were you thinking?

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Well, he was sitting on the floor playing it, and used it to get himself up.
and yeah.
all you heard was SNAP.

So any ideas guys?
A quick fix would be to put a very large washer on each side of the input jack and bolt it back onto the guitar. Or, you could make a plate for the input jack. A real fix would be to square the hole and place a patch of wood into it.
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please dont use putty...

ummm... it's definitely fixeable though. if it was a cheap guitar, it might not be worth getting someone to fix it though.