"Gypsy Jazz" is in quotation marks because I honestly don't know what to classify the recordings as, though it seems to me like I slightly stayed in touch with my Django-roots.

Today, in the morning before school started, I went to the band room and decided to try out my new mini-pocket recorder my Grapa got me. I finished two recordings by the time the first bell rang (which you can hear at the very end of "Improvisation 2").

Here are the descriptions from the tracks:
Improvisation 1:
Sorry for the not-so-good recording, and the noise in the background; I did this in school.

I'm not too happy with the clichéd intro, and how long I paused between each phrase though... Nevertheless, I feel confident about it. (This is my first recording, mind you)

Improvisation 2:
Again, not sure whats up with the pauses between my phrases. Must be my shyness around a recorder. Sorry for the low quality recording, and the background noise... particularly, the bell at the very end :P I was late to class because of this lol

If you'd like to comment on them, I'd appreciate it if you criticized the 'songs' themselves rather than my ability (not because I'm afraid of criticism), though you can go right ahead if my playing is hurting the enjoyability of them.

The recordings are in my profile, I'll critic your recordingsMIDIs/etc... back if you'd like me to.