I'm off to college in 1.5 years and I thought that I would be able to tutor people in the play of the guitar, does anyone know how much money you can make, and how good you should be.

For background information, I ve been playing for almost three years, I have started to read a lot of theory stuff, and I know most scales.
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You should learn to read sheet music.
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been tutoring for 10 years i have about 30 pupils a week. Money is decent, patience and encouragement are more important than your Napolionic Chord knowledge or Sweep Picking Ability, in the last 12 months the most difficult thing ive had to teach is Fade to Black.
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I don't really see why not. Just make sure you are well educated in a lot of theory related things. Don't be the teacher that does nothing but teach songs and show off his ability. Make sure to teach a good bit of theory related things (Not too deep, just simple things, like chord progressions and scales).
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I teach about fifteen people in groups of one or two once a week.
It's not hard to do, and it's alright for an extra bit of cash.
Just make sure you know what you're talking about.
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Please make sure that your students learn to pick properly. My first teacher didnt teach me any of that stuff. Try to introduce them to all kinds of music.
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you start with some basic songs to learn chords (hotel california, hey joe, etc.), and later you let your student choose what song he would like to learn to play.