So lately I've haven't really been playing well. I mess up a lot on songs that I've played 100 times (maybe not that many, but a lot). Its really frustrating. I know everyone experiences this, so does not playing for a few days help?
Listen to CKY.
For some reason it helps me sometimes, I find when I come back to it I'm better than I was.
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thats happened to me a bit, but instead of taking a break myself, i was forced to, with school and theatre shows and stuff, i couldnt play for 5 days, then i picked my guitar up on friday night and it was like BAM!
still happens off and on tho hahaha
yeh leave it for a few days. then all of a sudden you'll just an urge to rock out, and you'll own
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Uh metronome pl0x? Seriously that's a really weird idea. Practice with a metronome and backing track will help a lot. Most people don't have the patience at first.
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