I'm looking at amps at the moment. I don't really plan on buying anything, but I do have some questions concerning tube amps.

First, are there any decent all-tube heads priced below $1k? I've looked at the Peavey Windsor, and as far as I know it is a tube amp, but from what I've read it's not versatile and you can't get a clean sound. By decent, I mean a good quality amp that can be loud enough to gig with and that will respond well when I roll down the volume on my guitar. I haven't found much under $1,000, so does that mean I need to start saving more?
well you should tell us what kind of sound you are going for, and it never ever hurts to save up more money for a better piece of equipment
Not if you buy used; that really opens up your options.
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Quote by eelreggit

First, are there any decent all-tube heads priced below $1k?

In a word yes, which one depends on what kind of sound you want to get.
you can find a lot of marshall's (JCM900 and 800) used on ebay for under 1000, but then you need to buy the cab. i got my head and cab for just under 1k used off ebay. and yeah there are plenty of amps. fender has a lot of tube combos under 1000, and peavey has a couple of good ones. you just gotta keep looking.
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Well I guess I should've mentioned sound. Every time I think of tube amp all I think of is Marshall and that Les Paul/Marshall combo. Basically I think about Slash's sound on Appetite, I want a nice ballsy rock n roll tone. I know half of that is the guitar, which is half that don't have (my one decent guitar is more for metal), but knowing what I want will hopefully help some.