Hi. So I've been playing guitar for 7 months but it's more like 2 months because I play once a week or once a month. Now that I'm not as busy I'm ready to pick up the pace and start learning =).

I can play a few simple pieces like stairway to heaven, first few parts of canon rock, and some easy three days grace stuff...

I've been self-learning. I don't know what to do, I just play random songs on here but I'm sure there should be a proper way of learning technique and stuff how should I go about this?

Also, my electric is harder to play than others =S. For example, when playing bar chords, I had to press so hard my hand would go numb. But when I played on my cousins guitar, it was as easy as pie. I've played piano for 6 years so I have no problem with finger strength or flexibility =). Anyway, I want to mention that my pull-offs sound considerably weak and tapping almost makes no sound. Why is this?

I would grab a good book, like I have Everything Rock and Blues Guitar Book by Marc Schonbrun, and if i had more time, i would definately learn from it. As for your guitar, lower the action. The closer the strings are to the fretboard, the easier itll be to play.
just have fun with it at first and when u decide you want to get serious start learning theory