when u guys bought it
did it come with the adapter?

if not, where can i get one? there is a jack for it and im kinda tired of replacing battery every week..........

i bought a used pedal so i dont know if the adapter comes with the pedal in the brand new box
I got my adapters at Long and McQuade. I got 2 of the same and they were like $25 each
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thanks guys

Might be worth getting some kind of dc power brick if you plan on getting more pedals.
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any 9v adapter will work. i use a sega genesis adapter for my pedals.


as long as the Voltage is right (9 in this case) if you get adapters that push out more mA you can hook up more pedals at a time without running out of power.
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If you use batteries, remember to unplug the pedal after you stop playing. If you keep it plugged in it keeps on draining the batteries.
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