New song I've written the last 2 days

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This was quite a song. Extremely melodic, nice solo all that.

But.... As with most of your stuff I've listened, there's just too much going on some of the time. Too many keys. For instance, a prime example, the solo. I could hear it, but not well enough. It was too much in the background, which is a problem, as the solo was quite awesome.

However, there were times when it wasnt too much, like during the Bridge, and the Second Pre-Chorus which were absolutely awesome.

I think there's just some parts, like the solo, where the guitar needs to be heard more. Overall though, this isnt too big of a problem; the song was enjoyable throughout.
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Thanks guys... yeah i guess i'm a bit much with the keys, maybe i should tone them down a bit, and that solo was written in a couple of minutes so i'm suprised you liked it :P Still needs a lot of work i think.