well i was reading through the new guitar world and i heard alittle about petrucci in the past and i was wanting to get a little taste of dream theater and check them out. but i have no idea where to start at all so if some one could point me in the right direction that would really help.

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listen to the cd Octavarium. its AMAZING. also, here are just a couple random songs that i personally love:

Under a Glass Moon
Strange Deja Vu
The Glass Prison
Stream of Consciousness (awesome instrumental)
Honor Thy Father
Yeah, get Awake.
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Check out their Album Train of Thought. It's their best album in my opinion. Or you could check out their recent greatist hits album.
They're music changes throughout time, for heavier stuff, go for Systematic Chaos, Train of Thought or Awake. Another album, Images and Words has more artsy songs. My personal favorites are probly Train of Thought and Images, but these are only stratchin the surface.

EDIT: Images and words also has 2 of my FAVORITE songs, Under a Glass Moon and Pull Me Under.
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IMO their best album ever is Images and Words. Start there and then check out scenes from a memory, SDOIT, or train of thought (heavier),
get Awake, you won't regret it.

also check out the stickied dream theater thread at the top of the page. it has something like 6000 replies...
No, get Scenes from a Memory first. Amazing album. It's the only one that I can, almost always, play that album from beginning to end without skipping any tracks.

Unless, you like heavier stuff than consider getting Train of Thought first.

Then I would suggest.

Awake or Images and Words. From there you decide the rest.
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Images and Words (& A Change of Seasons EP) > Awake > Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence > Scenes from a Memory > When Dream and Day Unite > Train of Thought > Falling Into Infinity > Systematic Chaos.

Now that's just my opinion, no need to say I wrong. (I can't be it's my opinion.)

Best 2 albums are bolded. Honestly, those albums are both incredibly amazing.
Octavarium is the only album by DT I can still listen to. I used to be a big fan of A Change of Seasons EP.
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