Okay, so exactly how epic is the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal? I've heard stellar things about it, but how good is it REALLY. (Don't tell me to just go try it out, not that easy for me.)

Anyone have some soundclips??
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Its good. The spring setting is really good on any reasonable setting. The hall is pretty good in the lower ranges as well but once you get pasts 12 o clock not so much. Its very situational. the flerb is weird but its very usable, should you find your self wanting something like that. I don't find it overly corny or anything.
Some bad parts, it used a weird adapter and 10 volts so a one spot type deal wont work. It can also be kind of noisy.
However overall its one of the best reverbs, easily the best for that price. If you need a standalone reverb go for it, but be sure to check out the holy grail plus as well.
^ mine has been running on my onespot for the last two years. The onespot goes from 9 to 18v depending on what the pedal sucks out. It's neat like that.
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