pics or GTFO
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TL;DR: Saw a girl at Wal-Mart, she started feeling me up, I jizzed in my pants.

Shit, I'm so pathetic.

[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']I agree, tone does sound better the closer your genitals are to the ground.


and there are 666 pearl jam tabs
everything sucks

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i had my 666 post yesterday. who gives a ****. no one. thats who
OK PEOPLE CHILL! I dont sit on here all day and hit the search bar for how many times 666 people were viewing the pit so woopdeedoo...
attention: all 666 people browsing the pit: do not post this, ever. it is not news.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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I care

ive been waiting so long for someone to tell me that
dude i just got that too bad i didnt prntscrn
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i was wondering what is some of the stuff you guys would consider better than WOW

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Getting kicked in the balls repeatedly

Primus Sucks
Been done before. This is spam. Leave.

We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end

We were fated to pretend