ok i just got my squire bullet today and ive never had a electric guitar but ive had a acoustic ...

but now i got this im wondering about the whammy bar i got it in right now but im not sure on how to use it correctly i hear it a lil bit but not that much.

i can only move it down and barely hear it working

is there something im not getting
wanting to try and get the most out of it

thanks i would like the tips and help

Don't use it. It's on a cheap Squier and it will throw your strings out of tune faster than dropping it out of a 2nd story window.
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It will mess up your tuning but make sure your amp is loud enough to where you can notice any change, hit the low E then do a dive....get it slightly close to the body and that should be far enough to hear something change...
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my only guess is that you're not pressing harder. the above dude is right, it will send your tunings straight to hell most likely, but if you really wanna have fun with it (and it is a lot of fun, trust me =) press harder down on it. I had a squire strat and i could press that mofo down pretty far. Careful, if you really overdo it you can break your bridge, but i'd say just press harder.
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They both covered it pretty much. You should hear the tremolo arm on a first act imitation strat. omg....worst sound possible. BTW I thought you needed help with distortion?
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The tremolo is a physical effect, when the bar is parallel to the strings you can push it down towards the guitar body to raise the back of the bridge and lower the pitch of the tuning. Just turning it does nothing...except unscrew the bar
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alright thanks guys to the guy who said i thought you needed help with distortion i meant to delete that and put whammy bar my bad