Well I'm stuck on this on. I got a chorus that works for me but I'm drawing a total blank on the verses. Makes me wish I had a co-writer. I'm just not sure where to go with it. Any suggestions?

Still I cry in the night
Cause I’m so married and so alone
I’m still so confused about that time
Even though it was so long ago
The memories still haunts me
well it sounds sad. try opening a book randamly and finding the first word that comes out at you. thats how harrison wrote "something". maybe that would help.
ask yourself questions like what is the song about? what memories haunt you? what is making you cry? don't try to make it sound good, write whatever comes to mind. That's what i do.

from what you've written already i presume your regreting getting married or you loved someone but ended up getting married to someone else who you're not happy with.

I would continue this with:

Back then i was young and so naive
I'm not sure how it came to this
but what's done is done
And the past cannot be changed
No matter how hard you try

that's just an idea though sorry it's not a very good one
Brainstorm some general thoughts that you're trying to convey with the song. If you really can't come up with anything, leave it and come back to it later, a fresh perspective will help.
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wel thats not quite what the songs about. thanks for the tips though. they'll be helpfull.