So I tried out my first guitar again recently and noticed that I really like the way it feels when I play it. The problem is, the sound isn't too nice. If I bought nice pickups and put them in would it make it sound much better? I've never customized anything guitar-related before, and I don't know much about gear or the technology behind it (except how pickups work and simple stuff like that).

So does anybody have any suggestions of how I could improve this guitar?


Would I be better off just saving up for another new guitar?
the guitar isnt always the problem. what amp do you have? i put a new bridge pickup in my guitar and it made it a little different but nothing huge.
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yeah, an amp can change your sound much more than a new or upgraded guitar.
what kind of guitar is it?
what styles do you play?
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Well, I know (or am pretty sure) it is not my amp because my newer guitar sounds fine on it, but it is also a lot nicer. I mostly play rock but recently have been playing more stuff without distortion. I'm not sure what kind of guitar it is because I don't know much about gear and it was my first guitar, but it's like a generic strat and the company on the head is Arbor. It only cost a little more than a hundred I think. I got it for my birthday.
What kind of guitar is it first off?

Pickups will definitely help. Sometimes, as simple and stupid as it sounds, just giving your guitar a good once over (New strings, setup, tighten little odds and ends) will help it sound a lot better.
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