Hey guys, I think I have a good amount of gear, but I really don't have a cabinet that does my head justice. I need something that can handle anything from Explosions in the Sky and Death cab For Cutie to really high gain sounds. I play experimental progressive mostly, so I need a wide variety. I'm looking into a 4x12 to 6x12 sound, I'm not a huge 2x12 guy. I've been looking at these:

Vox 4x12
Fender 2x15 (can't really find many)
Avatar 4x12
Emperor 6x12 (pricing?)
Orange 4x12 (Pricey)

It's going to be paired with a Bogner Uberschall. It's tan and i'd like something that matches a little . thanks in advance.

EDIT: feel free to suggest others.
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Avatar all the way. Go with 2 V30's and 2 G12H30's

its amazing.
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6x12 oooo never heard of or seen one before
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Did you look at that Randall cab that has two 12's and one 15 in a 4x12 sized enclosure?
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6x12? wow

get an avatar with good speakers in it...i don´t know if v30s would suit you though!
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