So I was day dreaming today in class where my band finally started gigging. It was our first show and my guitar shorted out or something very ungood happened to it where it wouldn't work, leaving me without a backup.

So I was wondering if UG knew of a good back-up guitar that doesn't sound like complete and utter ****.

Preferrably under $300

My band plays modern and hard rock.

I was thinking of maybe a Squier Jag with 'buckers, but that was just a first guess.

thanks guys
my main guitar is an LTD viper 500s...

my back up is an Ibanez RG..
same pickups in each. EMG 81 / 85

both pretty nice guitars....

i dont know where i'd be without my V....

an RG would be nice as a backup tho, i do like their necks.
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maybe a schecter omen 6
i cant reccomend it enough.
very good guitar and its $300 new
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agile!!!! or buy an epiphone les paul special 2 and change the bridge pickup into seymour duncan jb and there you have a good cheap reliabe back up or you can change the bridge and neck if you like
An RG321 would make a great backup guitar. Also look into Agiles.
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