ok so hey guys, I'm doing my presentation on sleep deprivation. I found that currently 72 million Americans suffer from this out of a 300 million population. How would i put this in 1 out this many Americans suffer from this? I have one in every 5 suffers from this.. don't know if I'm doing this right? I divided 300 by 72 and got near 5(round off). i wanna smack the class with some good hard facts thanks
it's closer to 4 than five, so stick with about 25%
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1 out of 5 americans lol
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1 out of 5 americans lol

I mean the current population.
If it was 75 million then it's 1 in 4 so stick with that. Why not just use percent? Your class isn't stupid, I hope.
24% then? cause a total of 172 million of Americans suffer from Insomnia, disease or naturally sleep dont sleep
72/300 = 24% = 1 out 4.167 people ~ 1 out of 4 people.
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