Buy it at? What should I get and how much is it? I used to work out a ton and I was in great shape, stopped, and now I am starting again. I never used supplements before but I'm looking for better and faster results this time around. Help?
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The internet. I forget where mine come from, but look around. Amazon ships food now, so it should be easy to find some. Try google.

Otherwise, try your local supermarket, vitamin world, health food stores, etc. It's not that hard if you can get out to look around.
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Buy it at GNC. It comes in powder form usually. Just put it in milk, then mix. lol the first time I had that, I couldn't drink it it was so disgusting. Second time it was better than Root Beer... lol
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I get a really good protein and carb shake from Albertsons, its called Muscle Blast and its pretty reasonably priced, it comes in a big like 10 to 20 serving can.
my advice is to find a local supplement place and talk to the guys/girls that work there.
ime, ive found that the people at those independent place are usually much more knowledgable then gnc employees.
or u could look up shakes online, and read reviews
and i recommenend working out with something like NOxplode or sp250.
NO products really help in the gym.
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personally id stay away from gnc, theyre really expensive where i live and hey were much help to me
if you have a popeye's around you theyre usually pretty good

i agree with black lp

NOxplode is great befopre you go and find out what protein is gunna work best for the results you want
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