I'm having trouble with writing catchy acoustic music...i was wondering what scales are generally used with acoustic music, or what sounds good with acoustic music? Also, any other advice you can give me in composing acoustic stuff whether it be which type of chords to throw in or techniques?
Any scale really, thats a ridiculously broad question. Since you're looking for a name though look up the diatonic major scale to start on.
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yeah i realize this...but when i improve with a minor pent it seems like it just doesn't suit the music.
Am I right in thinking you've probably come from playing on electric?

I know for acoustic I really like open, ringing strings, slides and pre-bends always seem to work for me. The minor Pent is fine to improv on, it's just you have to approach the use of the scale differently to an electric guitar. Laos, I like the blues scale more than the Minor Pent. its pretty similar but you can have some fun with it.
thanks...i was thinking some kind of diminished scale might be fun to mess with too