Great band, highly skilled guitars, Gojira has it all. Anyone ever wondered how to do that odd- and moreover unique-sounding downward scratch noise in a lot of their songs? (a good example is the last section in Flying Whales before the return to the main riff)

A friend of mine discovered it purely by accident the other day and I decided to post it for any fans who can't quite get it down.

Start by resting your finger (index or middle) straight across all six strings at a non-harmonic point, I used the 13th fret personally. It's easiest if you hold the pick in such a way that your thumb forms about a 150-160 degree angle with the pick. Then take your pick drag it from the smallest string to the largest, making sure that your thumb drags down the strings as well. As soon as you begin your downward drag, slide your fingers down the strings (do not fret them, though) and it will create a high-pitched sliding shriek. Try to get heaviest bass and treble (low mids) distortion for a near identical sound to the band itself.

Lemme know if I need to post a video with in-depth visual explanations.
sweet, ill work on that
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interesting...i'll try that tonight when i get home from work...

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"Pick slide from string to string, highest to lowest, while muting with your fret hand" was a good enough explanation for me. Way shorter, too.
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A simple description of pick slide suffices, but to mimic the sound to perfection, I have to note that the thumb needs to drag the strings just as strongly as the pick. Otherwise it has a much higher screech to it.

For anyone who isn't obsessed with doing it just right, Raziel's description works well.
There is an easier way. Its called a pick rake by the way

What you do is, put your little finger (picking hand) across the strings like you are muting them but move it further towards the neck. Then angle the pick a little so the edge is nearly at a 90 degree angle to the strings and drag the pick up.
Thanks, I've been trying to figure those out for a while now.

Next time, Gojira thread.
Sweet now i just need a second guitarist so we can harmonise pinch then its ocean planet all the way