so basicly im gonna buy a HSS standard fat strat and am gonna turn into a tom delonge strat (please no criticism) i was jsut wondering since there is no tone knob is it gonna sound like the tone knobs turned all the way up? or how is it gonna sound like?
and what is a good bridge humbucker for it? im thinking either the sh-5 custom, dirty fingers, or invader(eh.) ??? suggestions?????????

the thing ive heard bout the gibson dirty fingers is that it does not sound good wit strats. is that true?

sooo thanks
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The SH-5 Custom is the best pickup out of those three.

Without a tone knob...it'll sound like the tone knob is on 11.

oh and i forgot to mention that i was planning to play pop punk and punk all around.

like blink182 stuff

so sh-5 right?

and cool without tone knob itll sound pretty good i guess
Well if you are planning on playing punk perhaps get the SH-4
It has an alnico magnet so you can get a range of low and high gain

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wait the strat doesnt have tone or the tom delonge one doesnt have tone? My strat has tone.
I need the same pickup you do.
I wanted invader or the SH-6...people suggested SH-6...
Dirty fingers is a bit expensive and I heard too that it doesn't sound good with strats.
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