Yesterday I put some new strings on my Ibanez which has the Edge III tremolo system, and no matter what the son of a bitch won't stay in tune. I'm talking going 2.5 or more steps out of tune, even with the locks on at the nut.

I'm using D'Addario XLs so it's not like they're low quality strings, and I've made sure to stretch the strings out as described here:
I left the guitar over night with the strings having a good bit of tension, hoping that would solve the problem. Tonight I stretched all of the strings again and tried to tune, and it's the same bull****.

Clearly this system gives the "Edge" to you in becoming supremely frustrated, and while it's not exactly a top of the line tremolo system it should still hold its damned tuning.

Is there something I've over looked here? What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this problem (outside of buying a new trem set up or guitar)? This is definitely the last time I'll buy a guitar with a floating config. I barely ever use the trem arm in the first place.
Err, did you lock the nut properly? Because even for the crummiest of crummy trems, 2.5 steps is hella bad. I've heard of many people who've locked it too loosely out of fear of overtightening it. I did that once too.
Hmm, I have been rather delicate with it out of fear of screwing something up so that could very well be the problem.

I think that the bridge is shifting whenever I tune the strings though, like it's moving downwards like a trem arm is being pressed to drop the pitch of a note. The tail end starts sticking up. Kind of hard to describe.

I'm going to try tightening the **** out of the nuts, right now, though. Thanks for the suggestion.
Good luck with it. I had an Ibanez JS1000 with an Edge III. It was nothing but headaches and money. I ended up trading it in for something with a hard-tail and never went back. But if you look under the Lessons section you can find pages that will help you figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.
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^ Are you blocking the trem when you tune?

I've heard the term blocking used before but to be honest I have no idea how to go about doing it.

I'm going to snoop around for the relevant pages in the Lessons section because this is some seriously frustrating ****. I just want to play my guitar! lol
i had the same problem with mine, i jst left it for a few days and the strings settled in and it held its tuning fine after that...its frustrating when all you want to do is play it but after those few days mine is holding its tuning a lot better now
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This is definitely the last time I'll buy a guitar with a floating config.

Don't judge all floating trems based on the performance of an Edge III....
^ I got a orginal edge from 87 and it has no problems staying in tune