I know I know i was talking to you guys about an epi sg yesterday but this came in today at this one shop i go to. brand new. This time i got to talk to the dealer i know and hes pretty cool. hes selling it to me brand new for $335. He bumped it all the way down from like 400 something. Im guessing its this one.


So is this a good buy for the money? does the trem system keep in tune pretty good? I know there just inf pickups but would they be best kept or switched out?
Any help would be appreciated thanks guys.
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poor quality guitar. Terrible tremolo system, poor pickups. Definate no-no.
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Stay away from this guitar. I bought an RG350 SP1 about a year and a half ago and it's fine for the first while but you'll eventually come to resent the mfer like no tomorrow. Stay away from anything with an Edge III trem system!!

I do have to say, though, the Wizard II neck is pretty snazzy.
I choosed a Epiphone G-400 over this guitar, i think i made a good deal. I don't think the 370 is a bad guitar, but im not very happy about the Edge III and some other personal reasons.