The video looks like it was sped up.
Does anyone know the song that goes: ba ba bah, ba ba buh, bu ba bum, ba ba bah, ba bu buh, bu bu bum, bu ba bu bu bum baam?
there's some live vids of him, just as good, although he kinda overdoes it, speed is a gr8 tool, but gets stale when used all of the time
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When I brought up this page, so much fail dumped out of my computer screen and all over my hands, severely damaging my ability as a musician.
I don't consider it music if none of the notes last more than .5 milliseconds.
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yea, that sounds like garbage. its a disgrace to the strat. keep that to BC rich, then we at least expect you to suck.
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Does anyone know the name of the technique that he does at around the 30 second mark?

Where it looks like he hits one of the high strings behind the nut to make a harmonic?

John Frusciante used to do that A LOT in the late 80s/early 90s red hot chili peppers, and I never found out how to do it

And yeah, I personally don't like shredders (with the exception of randy rhoads), so I didn't like it at all
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