How does one make a "scratching" kind of sound when strumming on the guitar like in this video?

I'm not talking about the type of noise when you mute the guitar strings with your left hand by gently touching the string and then strumming because as you can see in the video, the guitar player is still fully pressing down on the strings yet he can get that "scratching" noise when he strums just by (I think) using a method with his strumming right hand. Can anyone tell me how to do this technique?

I already tried strumming lightly on the strings... but obviously it's not working. :P
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I'm not sure of the exact terminology (probably a pick scrape) but I can make a scratchy noise by brushing the side of the pick against the strings while strumming, instead of using the tip of the pick. Hope I helped.
I doubt any of you guys actually saw the video. I know what pick scrape and I can already do it. This "scratching" noise is usually used more often in acoustic music.
well, the link won't work for me, so no.
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