Who remembers Alphaville?

I grew up listening to this band - I used to be a total keyboard geek. This tune was in my head today so I came home from work, listened to it, learned it on acoustic guitar, and recorded a live-off-the-floor interpretation of Sounds Like A Melody from their 1986 album Forever Young.


Haven't heard the song before (born in the 90) but it was great. The recording quality is fantastic, as is your voice. What do you use to record? I'd love to do a collab sometime
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A lot of pros do that: if they play a wrong note, they'll hit it again to make it look as if it's intentional. It's called "jazz", aparently.
Thanks, moos. I use SONAR to record. The guitar is a Takamine, and my vocal mic is a cheap condenser, both of which are running through a Digitech Vocalist Live 2 before the signal hits my recording machine. I am using a bit of vocal doubling on the VL2.

I am glad you enjoyed and responded - my recordings seldom get many hits, as I tend to cover more obscure music that not a lot of people have heard of.