so ive started playing faster stuff, to be specific, im working on 'thrice - identity crisis'. i have no trouble keeping up to tempo, that is, until i hit the 16th note chords at the original 202 bpm. i have no trouble doing the 8th notes with down strums, but when i hit the 16ths, no matter how fast i try and go, i cant keep up with just down strums. so im trying to learn alternate strumming with it. but i hold the pick slightly angled downwards so when i go to strum upwards it kind of feels funny. should i hold my pick differently (more perpendicular towards the body). also the 16th chords have a muted note in between which kind of makes it feel even weirder. chords in question are (note, the chords are each a bar of 16ths, just too lazy to type it all out):


i have no problem with my left hand, i can mute the middle note fine. any tips on overcoming this problem? or is it just practice with strumming up at slow tempos and then speeding up?

epiphone les paul custom
vox ad30vt / vfs2
And try not to force the strum -- keep a steady, flowing motion.