My plan is to purchase a new practice amp within the month.

I currently play a Yamaha Pacifica 112 through a Peavey Rage 258 transtube SS amp.

I like to play (I use the term play loosely) tunes from Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix etc.

My budget is approximately $300 CDN (but I would REALLY love it if I spent under $250).

I wanted to buy a low wattage tube amp but I'm not too familiar with tube amps so I don't know if I would be able to get a decent tube practice amp with my budget.

My main choice so far is the Roland Cube 20x SS amp (I like this amp because of the versatility of built in effects).

Any thoughts and/or recommendations?

It's past 3:30am so there might be some spelling/grammatical errors so I apologize ahead of time. I will be checking this thread in the morning/afternoon.

Also, can someone in Toronto tell me how much the Roland Cube 20x is at Steve's?

Thanks everyone.
line 6 spider II...

...*waits for flaming*...

...but seriously, if you not planning to record or play live, just playing to yourself or whatever, then a line 6 spider is a brilliant amp for practicisng and learning about effects.
they get a lot of stick, spider amps, but people who've never even played one just make their mind up before they even try one.
for their price, line 6 spiders are brilliant good amps.
If you want to go the tube amp route you could check out the Fender Champion 600.
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Quote by Black-Metal
line 6 spider II...


if it's for practice they're extremely easy to dial in a decent sound without the hassle of effect pedals and such.

And the spider II's are going uber cheap nowadays
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maybe take a look at the Roland Micro Cube if you like the 20x , the cube is a bit better because it has effects ( modeling etc) and runs on battery (but has a small speaker) I use the Vox Da5 which i like, Maybe look into the ADVT 15 , hear its very good. Or if you want look at Valve junior
What's wrong with your current amp for practice? For "practice," it should be perfectly fine. I'm not going to get into a Spider debate, but why spend the money for something that's at best only going to be marginally better than what you currently have?

If you're going to "step up," then definitely check out some of the smaller tube amps. Otherwise, I'd just suggest hanging on to your money, continue using your current practice amp, and save up more for something much better later on.

Tube amps that should be around your price range that you might want to look at may be the:

Fender Champion 600
Peavey Royal 8
Crate V8/Crate Palomino V8
Epiphone Valve Jr. (head & 112 cab)
Blackheart (head & 112 cab)
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I wouldn't think a Spider would be much better than what you already have (I own one BTW). For the styles you listed I think a nice Black Heart amp would do you good if you want a tube. If you want more flexibilty (but less tube tone) I would check out one of the Vox AD models, stay away from the XLs though.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try to check out as many of those as I can tommorow (I'm actually leaning towards the smaller wattage tubes :P).
Your Peavey p*sses all over the Line 6 Spider Range. Don't even think bout getting a Spider, you will seriously regret it. I would say that it isn't even a step up buying the Roland Cube, as the Peavey aparently has a really nice vintage voiced channel. Your current amp and guitar setup may actually be better than what you are looking for unless you go for a valve amp.

I would highly recommend this:
Even if it is 18 watts! Which, seeing as it's tube driven will be at least twce as loud as a solid state amp.

If you were to really stretch your budget then this:

Or, to stay within the confnes and have an amazingly good amp for the price then one of these

No pictures but you can look Blackheart up anywhere these days.

If I was in N. America, I ould so go for the Crate V18 though. It can be used at home, for jamming and gigging.

Good luck, and NO SPIDERS, ok?

P.S. If you can't decide then keep what you've got until you try some outand maybe save some more!

EDIT: Are you selling your Peavey? That will help to bulk up your funds a little bit.