ok so im looking at this guitar and i really think it would be a good option
i mainly play classic rock but i like to have a fair variety
I really wouldnt want to pay much more for a guitar then this

Your thoughts would be great
Brilliant guitars that will cover a huge tonal range from clean country to balls out metal. PRS is well known for being a jack of all trades.
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I have been very underwhelmed by every PRS SE that I've played that wasn't a singlecut. They have all felt very toy-like and without much resonance. I'd definitely suggest taking a look at a Michael Kelly Valor. It's a better guitar in every aspect and costs less.
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Here's my opinion on the SE custom... They are licensed guitars on the PRS name but they are a good back for the buck. You can find them on evilbay for cheap and save $100-300. Take that money, buy high end PRS pickups and switch the toggle for the rotary pot and viola! Amazing guitar.
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USA PRS currently make the very best, well built quality guitars in the world !..in my opinion

The SE range is going to be totally different, but against epiphones they are 50-50 in my mind.
As a PRS SE Custom owner i think it is THE best guitar for the money. It plays classic rock, rock, hard rock, metal, blues. The zebra pick-ups are good but if you want to exchange them get PRS's higher end pick-ups. I think it plays great just make sure you have a good amp first it is 80% of your tone!

Overall for the money 5/5 i wouldn't sell it for the world
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