Okay im sitting infront of my comp, im home from school cause im sick. And i got nothing to do, so i wanted to learn some new songs that could be fun and also cool to show off in front of some friends.

Any suggestion for any intermediate hard rock/metal songs that sounds awesome and is fun to play?

And no, im not going to goto bed.
cowboys from hell by pantera... the solo may be a little hard to play though
the metal by tenacious d
unholy confessions by avenged sevenfold
if you can tune to drop b, frostbite by parkway drive
and try to learn to sweep pick and execute pinch harmonics
U can try slither by velvet revolver if u want.....maybe crazy train by ozzy osbourne but the solo is rather hard though
Lots of Black Sabbath songs are great (War Pigs, Paranoid, Heaven & Hell, ...)
Rhythm is easy, solo's intermediate.
Many people know BS songs as well
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learn the bass solo from Hysteria - Muse.

Sounds sick on guitar with some heavy distortion
Cupids dead- Extreme, Always with me always with you- Joe Satriani(guaranteed chicks' attention), If you want heavier stuff- 5 minutes alone-Pantera, Am I evil-Metallica/Diamond Head
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What gear do you have??

How does gear help?
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How does gear help?

It gets you the tone you need for the song to sound right.
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Enter Sandman minus the solo I'd say is pretty easy.. it depends what you mean by "intermediate".
Also, have a look at AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, early Judas Priest. Pantera riffs are always good fun to learn.
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It gets you the tone you need for the song to sound right.

I have a microcube and a G400. Thanks for suggestions! keep em coming :P Wouldlove some Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and perhaps some Metallica. Can't think of one myself becouse when it comes to rate song after difficulty, im rather useless.
Monkey Wrench is really fun to play
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