I've decided just a moment ago that now's the time to start learning the notes on the fretboard.

So I'm wondering whether a beginner like me should start by learning the notes all the way up the fretboard, or simply going from open to fret 5. You know what I mean? How should I start?

Also, should I learn the natural notes first and go into the sharps and flats later, or do it all at once?
surely you should just learn the natural notes first and then work out the sharps and flats from them?
once uve learnt naturals shaps and flats would be fairly easy and learn noters to 12 fret and the next twelve are just a repeat of the last twelve
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I had this problem, last year or year before..I memorized.. the notes on 1,3,5,7,8, 12. Frets, on E and A,Then used the octave to find the noes on the others.E.G- D is easy once you learn E,It is only 2 semitones below, So 3rd fret D Is same note as 1st fret E, And 3rd fret G is the same as 1st fret a...You'll get it.
Hey, if you're learning the notes of the fretboard, you may find this program i wrote for my computer science course helpful:


All free and open source, hope you like it!
(ps, it's still in early dev (only has the fret note trainer, more features soon), but it should work fine!)
I maid a wall chart with a printed out a fretboard
and wirit all the notes on it and found any fret though
what note it is .
and then check with my chart to see if its correct .