Ive seen someone who had this problem before but one of there valves was dead im sure this isn't the case with my head.

After i have had my amp on standby for abit (5 mins at the minimum) as soon as i take it off standby i get a loud pop instantly, the amp then works fine for a few minutes. Then it begins again but worse, if i then put it on standby when it goes onto standby the popping dies down as it goes quieter but it is doing it much faster as the volume fades. This even happens when i dont have any leads plugged into the head (except speaker cable which is brand new)
Then the other problem is sometimes when i plug my noise surpressor in the valves light up extremley bright red, however when i plug in my eq pedal it works fine.

Ive had this head a week now so it is brand new effectively, they sent me a new one because my old one was faulty too.

If anyone has any ideas what could be wrong with it, would be much appreciated!

is the head set for the correct resistance for the speaker cab?
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could be as simple as a bad speaker cable. from amp to cab or inside the cab
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The impedance is set up fine man and the speaker cable is brand new and works fine with my other head!