I own a blade stratocaster with active elements on it. I didn't bought it new so I'm wondering what everybody say's about the Blade guitars in general. I spoke a man who tipped me on this guitar that he said they're better then some Fenders.

I spoke a saleman who was allso very enthoushastic about Blades. He said the factory where these are made is one of the best guitarfactory's in the world, with the best wood available.

Of course it is a saleman that is trying to sale his guitars, but can anyone back this up? I don't want to hear things like: "but it just can't be better than Fender!" Just back juir opinion up with reasons.

Thanks in advance!
Blade make fantastic Strat copies. They're basically GL quality, aimed at shredders and rockers more than the typical Fender blues-jazz clientele.
Can you compaire it to fender american strats? or even better than that?
In my experience they're of better overall quality, but that's A: My opinion and B: based on having played an Asat (telestyle guitar) against a Fender MiM Tele, in this case the G&L came out on top but I can't say I have any experience with any other G&L models compared against its fender relatives so don't take my word for it.

By the way, I assume that, from your name, you are from somewhere in the Benelux? its pretty hard to get your hands on G&L around here, so you might be looking at imports/second hand. But again, don't take my word on that.
Yeah I'm from the netherlands too. And that could be the reason I've never heard of it before... I'm happy with my bade then if it's nearly as good as GL
You should be though to be honest, I've yet to find a Blade in any of the guitar stores down where I am. (But that could be cause I live in the musically underpriviliged south.) But if something's rare it only increases your total value of mojo points.

Also, I have a cat named Poekie
I was luckey to have somebody I knew and knows a lot about guitars (playes practically his whole life) and recommended me a seccond-hand blade at a store for 400 €, very Luckey I got. I had to drive a long way to get it though, but it was defenetly worth it. I recently saw a story very nearby selles blades too, a bit far for you to travel though It's the "spanjaard" (google for website) in Alkmaar. Too bad for you though

Goodluck at finding a blade anyway