Okay, im not a hardcore commputer finatic, i just need a graphics card, my old one was an nvidia geforce 7300gs, i bought it from a dodgy place and it ****ed up. I need one that is going to handle battlefield 2, and counterstrike relatively easy. My dad has said he will pay up to 150 dollars, my last card was 80. Anyway, i dont know what to go for, i dont need anthing hi tech ay. Also, my comuter is a slimeline, so something for that..

PS im broke so getting a mass sexy card isnt an option.
For the $150 price range, I would recommend a 9600gt:


For like $40 more you can get the 8800gt (which is oddly enough, a much superior video card, same one I'm using at the moment):

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You can get something like an Nvidia 8600 gt 512MB for like 100 bucks off of ebay. I did, and it was probably the best 100 bucks I've ever spent.