because my drummer says he wants to quit. he's not exactly into our genre, me n the bass player are grunge/alt types while the drummer is more into metal. our singer btw is pop rock but that doesnt exactly matter right now...

so my point is, my drummer is leaving, which'll mean my singer is leaving as me n the bass player dont wanna actually work with him.

we have a few options, help me pick:

1. Me n bass player chuck me on drums + guitar + vocals, record our EP, then audition peeps for other roles in the band.

2. Start a new band + new songs

3. Start a new band and record the EP when we get all the songs done.
Do all three.
Record a demo between you and the bassist, use that to give to any prospective new band members as an example of the kind of stuff you'd want them to do, then once you have a new band, write new songs and record an album's worth of material, including re-working the demo with your new members.
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If you can play all three well enough, then kudos to you, sir! I would work on the songs WHILE putting out ads for new bandmates, so that if they come in during the process they can contribute something. Good luck!
I'd consider it a gift if I were capable of recording a whole album with two people. Definitely record a demo, then see what new members arrive.


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1. Record the music you guys got.

Now, either way, it's a new band. The only thing, do you keep going with your name, or change it? Then, keep the songs you got, and write some more.
UPDATE!!!: Band didn't fall apart, as singer is getting lessons (has Improved = tonnes) and i went back to drums, and we found a new guitarist (who's awesome!) and who also writes songs. So now, we have a 10 song set list, which includes 1 cover. Cheers on your help guys, i'll update for when we record all our stuff.
Your singer has improved tonnes in two weeks?!

Glad it's working out. :-)

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